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Our clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, family offices, and corporates. They are globally oriented with diverse experiences and requirements. Together we form a partnership based on ideas, opportunities and network.

Client Stories

Life after Exit

Life after Exit

When a technology entrepreneur sold his business in the US and moved his young family back to Europe, he needed to completely restructure his life and finances.

Where should they live? How should he organise and deploy his assets? How could he continue to invest and participate in exciting new ventures?

A full service private office

We started with ensuring the family had a clear plan and the right support. We co-created an over-arching strategy to shape the client’s investment portfolio and worked with him to appoint lawyers and accountants and build a full-service private office.

A new chapter

Having completed their move to Europe, we now work with the client on a number of fronts; overseeing a significant liquid portfolio, wealth planning, accessing real estate opportunities and working alongside him as he builds a portfolio of private holdings.

Complexity to Control

Complexity to Control

Having accumulated assets over multiple generations and from different sources, our client has significant financial holdings across the UK, Europe and the USA.

What do we have? What is our strategy? Where are there opportunities to create value?

Clarity and Strategy

The family is knowledgeable, sophisticated and has relationships with several global custodians. However, the overall portfolio had become difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. We consolidated and streamlined the holdings to provide a global view, a clear strategy and a simplified approach.

A global perspective

Saranac Partners acts as a private office to the family, providing consolidated reporting, analysis and insight on the whole of their global asset base. Furthermore we manage and advise on the UK assets on both a discretionary and advisory basis.

Confronting Risk

Confronting Risk

A family with a dynamic international business, had a complex series of risk factors within their core operating company. The family wanted to apply a professional risk management approach to understanding and mitigating these risk factors.

What risks are we running? What is the sensitivity to market movements? Can we reduce or mitigate our exposure?

Forensic Analysis

In close coordination with the business owners and their senior team, we built a bespoke model to deconstruct each of the risk factors, monitor their aggregate exposure in real time and create hypothetical scenarios based on a range of market outcomes.

Peace of mind with the right partner

After months of close engagement, we have created a structured risk management approach to address part of their exposure and continue to monitor and oversee their position over time.

Building a Vision

Building a Vision

A European entrepreneur with diverse business holdings is an active and successful private investor in real estate and alternative investments. The client is in the process of acquiring attractive properties and businesses and at the same time is disposing of non-core assets.

I need a partner to work alongside me as I deliver my vision.

A strategic partnership

Over a multi-year period we are working with the principal to locate attractive, off-market assets in her target geographies. We are also supporting her to execute the sale of non-strategic business entities across Europe. Finally, we are working with her to create a personal investment club and facilitate co-investment from a community of like-minded investors.